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4 Quick and easy ways to differentiate your Trade

Are you a trade’s person that wants to boost their business?

To market yourself and your business, you need to first think of your customer and then ask yourself what they would want. Something as simple as great customer service can be the difference between the success or downfall of your business. Couple that with being seen, being known and being reliable – referrals will rise and so will your retention rate.

So how do you make it happen? Here are some simple steps you can take:

  1. Become easy to find

Customers need five or six points of contact before they commit to a business. The first point of contact will almost always be online.

Cover the basics and make sure that your Google My Business listing is up-to-date, including a contact phone number and the hours during which customers can call you.

If you’re happy to take calls outside of business hours, make sure your listing reflects this.

  1. Add an ‘extra’

Being a success in your field is often as simple as offering one feature that your competitors don’t. When you’re thinking of ways to make your customers happy, put yourself in their shoes. New customers will often be cautious at first, anything you can do to help put their mind at ease and enjoy the experience would be beneficial.

Some ideas include:

Complimentary cleaning services

One of the biggest complaints following jobs is the mess that’s left behind- especially if the clients haven’t moved out during the renovation job.

A hamper delivered when your clients move into their new or renovated home

Celebrate moving day with them by delivering a hamper, this will ensure they remember you and recommend you to all of their family and friends.

A follow-up email.

Once the job is done-and-dusted, get in touch to make sure that everything’s as they expected. This shows them that customer satisfaction is important to you at every step of the way. While you’re on the phone, don’t forget to ask for a review online.

Using a phone answering service

It’s hard to answer the phone while you’re busy at work and it’s important to you and your customers that you respond as soon as possible. Keep meticulous records about your phone calls to follow up on queries and leads.

You might even consider using an answering service like Office HQ  giving every customer an immediate and personal response.

  1. Let customers pay on the go

To make things easier for your customers, and to improve your technology, make sure that you can collect payments on the go.

The ability to send and receive invoices from site means that you’re not losing whole days to ‘doing your invoicing’ but it also makes life easier your customers who can choose to sort out their payments on the spot.

  1. Collect feedback and act on it

If you really want to improve your business, you may want to consider asking for feedback. You can use services such as Survey Monkey to streamline the process.

Remember to ask for their honest responses and make a note to follow up on anything negative. This ensures nothing will stand in the way of future work or a referral.

Follow these simple steps, and choose the right systems, and you’ll be well on the way to repeat business. Don’t forget to ask your happy customers for a testimonial for your website! While we offer a multitude of different skills, know that our door is always open whether your questions range from tax advice to small business setups.

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