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Heading back to Work after the Holidays

While it’s great to go back to work after the holidays, it’s also really hard. Suddenly we’re hit with a huge wave of FOMO (Fear

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4 Quick and easy ways to differentiate your Trade

Are you a trade’s person that wants to boost their business? To market yourself and your business, you need to first think of your customer

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Whats your New Year’s Resolution?

Are you one of those people who start the new year with a brand-new resolution? Do you also have a bunch of resolutions you keep

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Keep OFF the Commissioner’s Christmas Wishlist

With the festive season and the 2018 New Year approaching, here are a few target areas which can get you onto the Commissioner’s Christmas (and

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Take Time out of your day to read these 5 Newsletters

Are you guilty of ignoring that newsletter because you don’t have any time to read it? Or maybe the content just isn’t a priority? I’m

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Want your business to stand out?

Once upon a time, there was a hairdresser with a nice corner store, not too busy and not too quiet. One day, his competitor moved

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Can travel in an Uber be exempt from FBT?

Editor: The ATO has released a discussion paper to facilitate consultation regarding the definition of ‘taxi’ contained in the FBT Act, and the exemption from

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The “Cashies” Economy

The economy of sharing, better known as the “cash in hand” economy, seems harmless, right? Wrong. For some individuals, the sharing economy can be a

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5 Ways to Get Paid Faster

Whether or not it’s your friend who promised to pay you back months ago (Sorry – we can’t help with that!) or the client who

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Manual VS Automated – The Payroll debate.

While automated payroll has been around for some time, we are still seeing small businesses prefer the manual method. And hey! That’s still okay. You’re

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