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Can travel in an Uber be exempt from FBT?

Editor: The ATO has released a discussion paper to facilitate consultation regarding the definition of ‘taxi’ contained in the FBT Act, and the exemption from

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The “Cashies” Economy

The economy of sharing, better known as the “cash in hand” economy, seems harmless, right? Wrong. For some individuals, the sharing economy can be a

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5 Ways to Get Paid Faster

Whether or not it’s your friend who promised to pay you back months ago (Sorry – we can’t help with that!) or the client who

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Manual VS Automated – The Payroll debate.

While automated payroll has been around for some time, we are still seeing small businesses prefer the manual method. And hey! That’s still okay. You’re

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Grow your social media in 5 Easy Steps!

It’s often one of the first things any small business asks themselves when creating social media. Why would people choose to see my business? Well…

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Time saving IDEAS to manage your book keeping.

Use an accounting software. It makes things easier – once you know how to use it, that is.   Use your accountants. There are so

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(This checklist is for individual tax returns only)   The easiest way to complete your individual tax return is here! Use this list to help

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Ability to lodge nil activity statements in advance

  The ATO generally issues activity statements by the end of the relevant month under their normal processes, allowing the statement to be lodged by

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Keeping ABN details up to date

The ATO finds that businesses tend to forget to update their Australian business number (ABN) details in the Australian Business Register (ABR) when their circumstances

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New Approved Occupational Clothing Guidelines 2017

The government has issued new guidelines to set out criteria for tax deductible non-compulsory uniforms. Editor: The taxation law only allows a deduction to employees

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