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Office Christmas Party

Things to consider when organising your office Christmas Party

The festive season is fast approaching, and holding a office Christmas party is the perfect way to say thanks for your employees and to start the

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How To Get a Big Company Multiple For Your Business

Big public companies trade at a significant premium over small businesses in the same industry because investors perceive big, sophisticated companies as a safer bet

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New Year Resolutions: Will your business be more valuable next year?

With the New Year just around the corner, for many, it’s a time to start thinking about new year resolutions. Time to reflect on this

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Enjoy your summer escape and create a more valuable business

Six ways to profit from your summer escape

Summer is almost here, and your summer escape may be the perfect time to increase the value of your company. The most valuable businesses are the

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Forward Focus Bookkeeping Services

Are you looking for a bookkeeper, or even looking to change bookkeepers? At Forward Focus we provide a full array of accounting services and are

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8 ways to know if you have a job or own a business

The ultimate test of you if you own a business can be found in a simple question: would someone want to buy your company? Whether

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10 Things That Make Your Business more valuable

How do you make your business more valuable you may ask? The value of your company is partly determined by your industry. For example, cloud-based

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Dr. Who Office Time Lords

A quarterly theme is a great way to ensure success in achieving organisational goals as you focus on the number one thing you want to

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How to increase the value of your business by 71%

How much did your home increase in value last year? Depending on where you live, it may have gone up by 5 -10% or more.

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A blood pressure test for your business

When was the last time you had your blood pressure tested? Taking your blood pressure is one of the first things most doctors do before

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