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Why Move Your Business To a Cloud-Based Accounting System

Forward Focus is a professional chartered accounting firm, based in South Perth, Australia, which offers accounting and tax services for businesses and individuals; like accounting

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Fuel Tax Credits

Fuel Tax Credits – Fueling Your Business

Do you use fuel in your business? A lot of businesses use fuel without knowing if they are entitled to recover some or all of

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Cash Flow

Ways to Improve Small Business Cash flow

When it comes to management and accounting for your small to medium sized business, planning and cash flow really are king. Of course, you might

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Sustainability in business – what does the future hold?

One on the biggest things to have changed in the past 20 years in business is data. Or, more accurately, the rise of ‘big data’

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Four ways to protect your turf

Four ways to protect your turf

Warren Buffett famously invests in businesses that have what he calls a protective ‘moat’ around them – one that inoculates them from competition and allows

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Letter of intent

7 things to do before signing a Letter of Intent

You may be years away from selling your business, but it’s never too early to understand what the process involves. If you have ever promised your

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not to Diversify

6 Reasons Not To Diversify

To diversify or not to diversify? Diversification is a sound financial planning strategy, but does it work for company building? How does Vitamix get away

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The million-dollar mark

What’s so special about the million-dollar mark?

If you’re wondering when the right time to sell your business is, you may want to wait until your company is generating $1 million in

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Office Christmas Party

Things to consider when organising your office Christmas Party

The festive season is fast approaching, and holding a office Christmas party is the perfect way to say thanks for your employees and to start the

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How To Get a Big Company Multiple For Your Business

Big public companies trade at a significant premium over small businesses in the same industry because investors perceive big, sophisticated companies as a safer bet

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