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Business Start Up – Skills to learn

Are you a lone ranger, taking on all the roles of CEO, marketer and accountant all at once? Have you ever thought of teaching yourself a few extra skills to combat the business world with? Check out our list of impressive skills below, ones that will be savvy savers as you kick start your business.

1) Learn how to Code.
Are you thinking about setting up a website? Learning how to code your own website could save your business some serious money. Websites can start anywhere between 2k – 5k and while they’re great investments, if you’re only looking for something simple, why not cut the cost and create your own. If your great with technology, this could be a great skill to learn.

2) Learn how to take professional Photo’s for your Business.
One picture is worth a thousand words and learning how to get the perfect shot could be priceless. As a small business owner, learning how to take professional photos, whether it’s for your website, linked in or blog, will save you the hassle of hiring a pro.

3) Learn how to manage your books
While I have always suggested that bookkeeping and accounting is a job that is easily outsourced, I’m a firm believer in learning the skill anyway. Understanding your books is important for any small business owner, and this could help save you some extra cash in the beginning. Once you’ve learned, you’ll also be able to use your skills to interpret your books and how well your accountant or book keeper is handling them. This can ensure you are provided with the best work.

Being a first-time business owner, you need to be thrifty in how you spend your money. Dusting up on a few of these skills will make sure you can jump in and take over the role. If you’re a great multitasking, try learning all three at once. If there’s something missing from this list, let us know. Contact us on or head to our Linked in @ForwardFocusCA.

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