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Go to Guide: Healthy ways to Manage your Social Media

Does your Business have an online presence? Does it have a Facebook Page, a Linked in or maybe you even have an Instagram? While being online isn’t compulsory, it can help build awareness and bridge the communication gap between your business and it’s clients.

65% of small businesses have at least one or more social media accounts but many struggle to maintain them in a way that is both efficient and effective.

Studies show that people don’t approach social media to buy things so scrap the elevator pitch and manage your social media the right way. While direct sales aren’t going to sky rocket from your social media pages, they will add value and authenticity to your brand.

Keep reading for our tips to maintain a healthy social media account – even when you think there’s no point.

Give away free information
We are curious creatures and sometimes the most interesting things, we come across by accident. Your idea of simple expert knowledge could be a gold mine of information for someone else. Think simple, think creative and share something that you know. Sharing information with your clients fosters a sense of trust and projects your “expert” opinion. Soon, you’ll have clients calling you for help because you’re the expert.

Use a Scheduling Software.
Is the online world taking its toll on you? Use a free software like Hootsuite to manage your social media. One hour, each week, should be enough time to schedule all of your media in advance. This means you can spend your time working on what matters – your business. While you don’t need to spend every waking minute online, make sure to prioritise a reply to any comments or feedback you see online as this could negatively impact your business.

Create Content
Content is great for a number of reasons. You love it, your clients love it and it can be used a million different ways. Whether your adding credibility to your business, trying to increase your SEO or just trying to build up your email catchment. Good content can go a long way, and it’ll change the way prospect clients view your business.

While we all struggle with our online media, there’s one thing for sure, it’s a necessity for some businesses. Try these three ways to maintain a healthy social media and let us know how you go at

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