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Grow your social media in 5 Easy Steps!

It’s often one of the first things any small business asks themselves when creating social media. Why would people choose to see my business? Well… It’s an important question to ask. But are you ready for the answer?

On social media, they don’t like your business page for your business. They like it for what you can offer. Other then your mum, everyone is expecting something in return for their like. Maybe it’s a discount on their next sale, a competition your running or some information your giving away.

It’s simple really, to drive traffic and consumers to your social media or even website before you even sell them anything. You’ve got to give them a taste of what you offer first.

  1. Solve a problem for your customers.
    Customers are always looking for free information. As a professional, you have information that can gather and information you can give away for free. You’d be surprised on how many people type “How do I” into google on a daily basis. If you can post an online video teaching how to do something simple yet effective, till make all the more difference to your fan base growing
  2. Understand your audience.
    Understanding you audience is more than just knowing what you can offer them as a business, but focusing on how you can manipulate your business to target their needs and wants. Defining your target audience is the first step then pinpoint what they need from you and how you can pitch it to them.
  3. Develop a personality.
    Yes, I know this sounds a little strange considering your business isn’t a real person but you are. Businesses need to approach people like they are people. Hey, I’m a friend that can solve a few problems for you,  sounds a lot better then the sales pitch consumers usually get.
  4. Grab Attention, keep interest, create desire.
    This is one of those things you know, but rarely ever keep in mind when developing your social media strategy. You want to focus on your consumers, and get their attention. How will you keep their attention, how will you keep them interested and how do you make them desire your business. This is a great way to market your business as consumers will be drawn to you.
  5. Drive sale – action.
    Does your social media drive the sale? While a Facebook and Twitter is necessary for business’s in the modern world, it should not also entertain and inform but curate and influence a potential sale. Are you using relevant call to actions? Do you consumers know how to contact you?


This is the information that really drives your business success. If you are a bit unsure or just after some more FREE advice, the team at Forward Focus are always happy to help your small business needs, contact the office on with any questions.

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