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Take Time out of your day to read these 5 Newsletters

Are you guilty of ignoring that newsletter because you don’t have any time to read it? Or maybe the content just isn’t a priority? I’m here to tell you that you’re in fact, wrong. While we curate and write newsletters for the sake of engaging with our consumers in an intellectual and interactive way, there are many benefits to reading the newsletters you often ignore. And yes, I’m looking at you. We’re all guilty of it.

To begin;

  • You don’t have all the answers, take 5 minutes out of your day to enjoy learning something new.
  • Your time is important, yes, but knowledge is just as important. The best things about newsletters are that they can bring you so much information about the business industry keep you completely up to date.
  • You might enjoy them – Maybe it’s just me but there’s a sense of joy when I find a really engaging newsletter.

Here are my 5 top picks to keep your business up to date with a weekly newsletter, I promise you’ll enjoy them!

1. Now I Know – subscribe here.

While this might be completely unrelated to your business, it’s completely necessary throughout your day. There is a clear line between knowing what you don’t know and not knowing what you don’t know which is why this newsletter is quirky, fresh and has people anticipating the next one every week!

2. Any marketing newsletter.

Marketing Land and Hub Spot have great newsletters but any of the millions of marketing newsletters will benefit your business. The newest and most influential ways to target your consumers will drop into your inbox weekly making sure your business is up to date with the newest trends and consumer insights.

3. Tax and Super Australia – subscribe here.

This is one of my favourite Tax newsletters because it gives small businesses a chance to engage in a topic most people dread. Providing the reader with up to date information constantly, it’s easy to read and gets right to the point.

4. The Skimm – subscribe here.

Now, this is an easy one for all those busy bee’s that don’t have time for the news every day. This newsletter gives you just enough confidence to know about current affairs should the conversation arise at work or in a job interview. Targeted to consumers who use their phones constantly, this newsletter stands out among the crowd in providing smart, current content for the everyday urban worker.

5. Professional Planner – subscribe here.

This one’s a goodie as it provides us with all sorts of business insights, information and case studies. From stories about tackling burn out syndrome to how to improve your management, your sure to find something refreshingly new in every newsletter.

You can learn more about your industry through newsletters and constant updates than any other medium. It’s convenient, accessible and right in front of you. Next time you receive an email newsletter, rethink your stance on “Spam”, take a read and you might just learn something worthwhile.

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