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Want your business to stand out?

Once upon a time, there was a hairdresser with a nice corner store, not too busy and not too quiet. One day, his competitor moved right across the road from him and dropped their price to $6 a haircut. Refusing to compete in a price war – because price wars are stupid. He knew he needed a plan to stand out so, in response, he strung up a sign declaring that they fixed $6 haircuts. Know your value and aim to stand out from other businesses, start here with a few ideas below.

1. Make it easy for clients to find you – Online and Offline.

While some people prefer to call up and book an appointment, more and more people are opting for the streamlined version that enables you to book, confirm and find everything you need to know online. The key to having a good online presence is strong social media that converts people to book on your website. This not only enables customer convenience and satisfaction but reduces your admin time.

Now for offline; Location is everything, whether there is free parking or easy to access via public transport can be the deciding factor for most clients. Do your website and/or social media portray your business location properly?

PS. Also double check google maps – it will not always show the right location, especially in a new area.

2. Offer hours that match your client’s needs.

This should be an obvious one and one you should notice when you first decide who your “ideal” client is. What hours do they work? How can you compete with other local businesses if you choose to make life more inconvenient for your clients by not catering to their daily lives?

If they work 9-5, then you want to be open 5pm to late. If they are busy mum’s, you’d want your business to be pram accessible and a kid-friendly.

3. Network – Be an avid member of your community

As much as we would like it to be, networking is more than champagne and cake, it’s about representing your brand, your values and what you care about to a multitude of other businesses to differentiate yourself. If you care about health and fitness, you’re going to want to participate in events and find like-minded people to share your business with. Community involvement increases the perception of trust, leading to stronger leads and conversion.

4. Create Content – Solve an issue

Consumers are more and more aware of content online. Content is important for 2 reasons; it increases your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) if you regularly update content and it is your chance to prove how valuable you are to the client. A webinar, white paper or even demonstration about a product or service you offer could go a long way to increase conversion as clients often need to exposed to the brand multiple times before they decide if they are willing to invest more time and money into a business.

5. Respond and grow with your clients

What worked 5 years ago may not always work now as the business world is rapidly changing. In order to keep up to date with your clients, you need to continually predict and respond to their needs in the industry.

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