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Work Smarter, Not Harder – 3 Tips to managing your Small Business

Small business owners don’t have the luxury of a large team, let alone anyone to help take on the daily management of the business. There are often multiple roles that small business owners juggle, sometimes multitasking the accounting, marketing, and admin all at once.

While it’s not easy to juggle three roles at once, it’s a task that can be improved by working smarter and not harder. Check out our tips below that’ll ensure your work day is stress-free while you juggle all the roles of a business owner.

1)    Schedule Everything.

There are so many benefits to scheduling, we can’t believe we haven’t done it sooner. It’s the type of thing that creates a positive vibe as you tick things off it improves your mental health, improves your sleep (because you’re not up all night contemplating work) and even increases productivity. Create a calendar that specifically details what roles you will take on each day and at which time. Scheduling your workload ensures you are constantly reminded to get stuff done. It should look a little like this!

2)    Automate Work

Automation can seriously change the life of a small business owner. Not only will it benefit your business but save you a huge amount of time and effort. Did you know you can almost automate everything? From your accounting to your marketing – automation has been a savior to lonely business owners short on time. Use a scheduling software to load all your marketing and watch it automate everything for you, this works just as well with your accounting, especially if you’ve made the leap to the cloud.

3)    Outsource

Outsourcing is hugely popular and in demand for a lot of industries. Who wants to sit at a desk and punch in numbers when someone else can do it for you? These outsourcing projects come reasonably cheap and are usually a cost-benefit when your time is free to work on other aspects of your business.

As your business grows, it might be an idea to switch from these suggestions to hiring a team of staff to ensure these roles are filled effectively but for now, this is a great way to ensure your business is meeting all their needs without all the stress.

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